Academic staff of Telecommunication institute

Telecommunications institute scientific staff participate in the learning process leading lectures and practical work for the TI bachelor and master students. Teaching material is improved every academic year in line with global trends in telecommunications.


Academic staff


Professors: Ģirts Ivanovs Gunārs Lauks Jurģis Poriņš Vjačeslavs Bobrovs


Associate professors: Tālis Celmiņš


Assistant professors: Pēteris Gavars Ansis Kavacis Oļģerts Belmanis Armands Pundurs Mihails Usanovs Sergejs Vdovins Andris Virtmanis Viktors Zagorskis Rolands Parts Aleksandrs Čerņakovs-Neimarks Gundega Rutka Jans Jeļinskis


Lecturers: Elmārs Lipenbergs Aleksejs Udaļcovs Sandis Spolītis Andis Supe


Assistants: Andris Skrastiņš Sergejs Olonkins Gundega Rutka Jans Jeļinskis

Study Telecommunications

RTU offers degree programmes in English. The programmes taught in English lead to Bachelor degree in three  or four years and to Master degree in two years.