Research interests of Telecommunication institute

  1. Mathematical modelling, design and implementation of fiber optics transmission systems;
  2. Spectral efficiency and minimal channel interval investigations of optical transmission systems;
  3. Nonlinear optical effects for optical transmission systems and nonlinear refractive index in optical fibers;
  4. Optical transmission systems for access networks: FTTx, WDM-PON, WDM-Direct;
  5. Optical passive components for filtering (Thin film filters, Fiber Bragg gratings, Arrayed waveguide gratings and others), Optical multiplexors and de-multiplexors;
  6. Diffractive holographic polarization de-multiplexers in organic material and Bragg reflection gratings in planar amorphous chalcogenide and array organic photorezistors;
  7. All optical wavelength converting and time division multiplexing;
  8. Intelligent Based Communication Networks;
  9. New generation high speed network traffic models with decision making in traffic control plane;
  10. Communications Network Analysis: traffic engineering, security.


Current and past PhD thesis:

  1. Development and Research of High Speed Passive Optical Networks;
  2. Research and Evaluation of Fiber Optic Transmission Systems with High Spectral Efficiency;
  3. Nonlinear Refractive Index Measurements in Telecommunications Optical Fibre;
  4. Complex Adaptive Systems Methods for Telecommunication Network Management Tasks;
  5. Routing Algorithm Optimization of Emergency Services Calls;
  6. Development of High-Speed Fiber Optic Transmission System;
  7. Evaluation and Optimization of Optical Band-Pass Filters for Wavelength Division Multiplexing;
  8. Heuristic algorithms for traffic management in WDM networks;
  9. Multi-Hop Self-Organizing Wireless Network Optimization Using Genetic Algorithms;
  10. Analysing and Evaluation of Channel Interval in Wavelength Division Multiplexing Transmission Systems;
  11. Nonlinear Effects in Optical Fibers;
  12. xDSL Technology Potential Applications in Local Telecommunications Networks;
  13. Short-Term Communications Network Forecasting with Neural Networks;
  14. Neural Network Models Applications for Internet Traffic Forecasts.