TI Research projects

  • „Design of high speed optical access networks and elements”, Nr. 2010/0270/2DP/, ERAF;
  • „Development of mixed fiber optical wavelength division multiplexing transmission system”, Nr. FLPP-2011/15, RTU;
  • „Innovative research methods for mobile network coverage measurement”, Nr. FLPP 2011, RTU;
  • „Investigation of nonlinear optical coefficient measurement method in FOTS”, Nr. ZP 2010, RTU;
  • „Next generation mixed optical wavelength division multiplexing system enforcement”, Nr. EEZ09AP-42/09, EEZ grant.
  • „Investigation of optical signal polarization state determination methods in FOTS”, Nr. ZP2009/6, RTU;
  • „New electronic communication technologies”, the National Research Programme deviation - The Telecommunications system safety and security, Nr. V7408.1, RTU;
  • „Investigation of IP over WDM traffic grooming”, Nr. ZP 2008/16, RTU;
  • „Investigation of traffic control in FTTH networks”, Nr. ZP 2007/13, RTU;
  • „Investigation and metrology of advanced optical multiplexing elements”, Nr. U7104, RTU;
  • „Ultra short pulse technologies for optical WDM systems”, Nr. 01.0844, LZP;
  • „Evaluation of nonlinear optical effects in WDM systems”, Nr. R7214, RTU;
  • „High-speed optical WDM systems development and evaluation”, Nr. R7365, RTU;
  • „The design and choice of the optical communication systems, their networks and elements”, Nr. 96.0490, LZP;
  • „Investigation and usability of WDM transmission systems”, Nr. 01.0844, LZP.