It is difficult to imagine life without telecommunication devices for a modern person. The development of next generation mobile telecommunications, high definition television, radio, fiber optic transmission systems creates an increased demand for telecommunication professionals. RTU Telecommunications institute graduate students are working in the largest Latvia electronics and telecommunications industries and also in the world famous companies. Working in their profession, they can obtain the experience in today's global challenges - to keep up with change, to continuously develop their skills, improve their knowledge and to be an active member of a global Information Society.


Academic activity

Telecommunications institute scientific and academic staff is participating in the educational process conducting lectures and practical works for Electronics and telecommunications faculty bachelor's, master's and doctoral students. Teaching material is improved every academic year in line with global trends in telecommunications.


Scientific activity

Telecommunications institute researchers for several years are dealing with the theoretical (traffic analysis and mathematical of modelling communication systems) and experimental (establishment of the new traffic algorithm and application of new optical components) scientific research projects for different transmission systems and telecommunications networks. Main results are published in international scientific journals each year.


Commercial activity

Currently huge increase of information to transmit is observed which is followed with respective telecommunications network development. However to ensure the high-speed transmission it is necessary to develop high-quality next-generation optical networks (NGON). Optical transmission systems since its inception have been able to offer new opportunities for increasing the amount of the transmitted information which is suspended by optical fiber broad operating frequency band. As a result fiber optic transmission systems have become one of the most important components of telecommunications hierarchy whose integration with existing technologies contributes to the rapid development of optical networks and wide implementation in all telecommunications sectors. Telecommunications Institute staff offers a wide range of services for telecommunications operators ranging from project preparation and ending with installation and network analysis tasks.

Study Telecommunications

RTU offers degree programmes in English. The programmes taught in English lead to Bachelor degree in three  or four years and to Master degree in two years.